Fairytale Land is a magical land. Images and emotions of this land bring to viewers and visitors a fanciful, a little mysterious and very poetic. The media goal is to give the audience the feeling that if they come here, they will be lost in a legend or dream world like The Hobbit New Zealand and they are a member who has just been entered into the dwarf band. That will stimulate discovery, curiosity, enjoyment and make them feel special when coming here.

The Village is the shelter of the dwarfs separated from the noisy world outside. Because the land will be surrounded by creeps and roses, this will be one of the key images. Can start the story with this image. The land is made up of people, characters with rational backgrounds according to a lot of fun, personality and memorable. These small stories are related to the products and spirit of Vinh Tien. People will remember and see if there is some connection or something like them. Fairytale Land becomes a worthwhile tourist destination and wishes to be the top one to visit.