Are you up for a night of frightful delight? Halloween creeps ever closer and an eerie gloom has shrouded Fairytale Land. Pumpkins have sprung up all over the village and ghostly guests have appeared, wandering around the village.
If you dare to visit, there are many unique activities being held for you to join. We will be offering masks and hats for you to dress up and join the festivities, as well as plenty of food and music to enjoy. And, for the particularly bold, you can go knocking on the doors of the Fairytale villagers for a spooky sweet surprise! Trick-or-Treat?


☎ Hotline: 0263 3822 777
Mobile: 0941 204 222 (Quyết) – 0857 204 222 (Tuấn)
Địa chỉ: DaLat Fairytale Land – Làng Cổ Tích, Vạn Thành, P.5, Tp. Đà Lạt